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Who are we and what do we do?

Most of the horses we take in are ones in dire situations. These poor souls are often emaciated with poor skin, hoof, and tooth health. We try our very best to take them out of those living situations to bring the life back into their weary bodies.


We pride ourselves on "packing on the groceries" in a healthy manner, and helping to build muscle tone for our horses. We also pride ourselves on working with the horses to establish trusting human relationships. This is for horses who need a reminder of a gentle hand, or to expose a horse to what a trusting human looks like and sounds like. 

We ensure our horses receive the very best in care by having services at the ready. Such services include our equine vet for general and emergency health needs, our farrier, our equine dentist, and an equine cardiologist all ready to help care for our horses at a moment's call. 



Lisa Fenn- 410-929-2321

Jessica Wolfe- 410-382-8972


Services we offer:

Volunteer positions, Lessons (Western), Horsemanship, Layovers, Quarantine, Boarding, Private Hauling

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